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Demos by Giffin Grip®

Assembly instructions for Giffin Grip®, the re-centering chuck for trimming leather-hard pottery.

The Giffin Grip® centers and holds and leather hard pottery, quickly and securely. It makes trimming fun.

Lynn Dee demonstrates how she uses, and loves, the new Giffin Grip Flex Slider™. She trims some extra wonkey pots to illustrate what the new Flex Sliders™ make possible.

The Giffin Grip Jumbo Platter attaches onto the Giffin Grip top plate and can hold pots up to 23 inches in diameter.

Demos by Potters

A demonstration of the trimming of a wheel-thrown heart-shaped bowl on my Giffin Grip using the Flex Sliders. I love my Giffin Grip, and when I found they made flexible sliders, I was in heaven!

Follow up from the last video! I use this for trimming and it saves me a lot of time. Music is Hot Chocolate by RIP SLYME.

This video demonstrates how the Giffin Grip can be used in the glazing process. It's not just for trimming! Follow me on Instagram @chris_throws_pots

For all my hardcore coffee drinkers out there, here are some extra large mugs to brighten your day. Plus I get to show off my new Giffin Grip. Such wonderful toys!

In this video, I show my students how to trim a basic foot on an average plate. The plate in the video is a tiny bit different in wetness from one side to the other, that is why the foot isn't entirely even.

Uploaded by MrPinkelmans CeramicsClass on 2013-08-22.

Trimming a plate using a Giffin Grip.

Pottery, Culture Films

Raku - "Winner Best Documentary Canton Film Festival 2013" Produced by Jeremy Aronhalt Directed by Richard Sibert Music by Jonathan M. Ochmann

"I like to shoot these pieces completely organic, what I mean is, we do not light, stage or set any shots. I tell them to do their thing and Ill do mine, if I get in the way, tell me to beat it."

- Rich Sibert

An Adventure in Culture and Clay. This short film takes us around the island of Bali and focuses in on a cute pottery studio in Ubud. Built alongside the infamous "Monkey Forest" Ubud is also considered the arts and crafts center of Bali.

Produced by Giffin Grip

Short story of a passionate Chilean potter's love for clay.

Produced by Giffin Grip

We found this great pottery on an island five miles from ours, it took five hours and two ferry rides to get there. We were so impressed at the quality of work and the steady line at the cash register, that we sent our son Sam back to make a film about it.

Produced by Giffin Grip

Toshiko Takaezu (1922-2011) lived most of her life in rural New Jersey, where she made pots, gardened, and taught ceramics at nearby Princeton University. But she was born in Hawaii to Japanese parents, and the landscapes and traditions of the world she grew up in had a profound influence on her art.

Danish potter, Anne Mette Hjortshøj lives and works on the small island of Bornholm, situated in the Baltic Sea. Our documentary gives a gentle and revealing insight into one of Denmark's leading potters.

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