Customer Reviews

  • "Love the grip, really enjoying my new & improved one with more arm lengths to choose from & soft flexible "hands".  I have passed on my first grip to a local pottery teaching studio in Kelowna, Potter's Addict, so it can keep on working!!"  

–B. Elaine Hughes-Games, Westbank, BC, Canada

  • I cannot praise Giffin Tec enough, I purchased a Giffin Grip about a year ago and am completely satisfied with this great tool, it does what it is supposed to do and does it exceptionally well. It is also a very sturdy piece of equipment and can withstand very regular use. I also very much appreciate the fact that all the parts can be replaced and do not cost a bomb. A few months after I started using my Giffin Grip one of the parts that secures it to the wheel head broke, possibly because I had it set slightly too tight, however under their warranty they replaced the part for me free of charge (including overseas shipping) with no questions asked. I was terribly impressed by their level of service and also the courteous and friendly way in which my request was handled.

–Andrea P., Malta

  • I love my Giffin Grip. It is especially useful for trimming plates and odd shaped pieces.

–Bruce M. 

  • "When I first learned to throw, I was initially a bit intimidated by the Giffin Grip®, and used the old-school method of centering the piece to be trimmed with lumps of fresh clay.  One day, I asked a classmate if i could watch her use this "gripping device" while she trimmed her bowls.  What an ease to use and a HUGE time-saver when trimming!  I've since bought one for myself and use my clay for throwing, not for trimming.  FANTASTIC PRODUCT! 

– Anonymous, yet enthusiastic, Giffin Grip customer on Youtube

  • I love the new big blues."    

– Lisa Ager, Huntington Beach, CA

  • "I just purchased a wheel of my own and it was an absolute must to have a Giffin Grip to go with it. The Giffin saves me a lot of time in trimming multiple pieces. It is great to use on delicate pots because I can put a small square of foam under the mouth of ginger jars when I turn them for trimming the bottoms; so the Giffin is much easier and doesn't gouge into soft porcelain bodies. I also use it for smoothing out areas on my pots with soft ribs. It holds my work steady. Love it! Wouldn't do without it! Saves frustration as it makes recentering pieces a snap. The Giffin is a wonder tool for those who dislike trimming as much as I do. Now it's a pleasurable experience." 

– Larae Garrison, Tacoma, WA


  • "I own every pottery tool known to mankind and the Giffin Grip is the one I could not function without; I have used the same grip for over 25 years. It is a world class professional quality tool." 


– Jon Graham, Beavercreek, OH

  • "We love the Giffin Grip not only because of the ease of use, but also knowing the piece being trimmed is secure. We no longer use clay "worms" to hold our piece in place." 

– Mark and Joan Faulkner, Winter Springs, FL

  • "Honestly I heard so many positive things about the Giffin Grip, but they were all just advertising and I didn't know how much to believe, but now trimming is nothing but enjoyable; no more struggling to center and recenter. The best thing is that my pots are better because I can check them and don't have to dread recentering. I can always trim all my pieces just how I want them. I love this product. It's worth every penny." 

– Mary Dorsch, San Jose, CA

  • "Thank you for designing and developing one of the most versatile and practical tools for the contemporary potter. Those of us who appreciate genuine ingenuity are wholly grateful to Brian Giffin."

– David E. Brimmer, Mountain View, CA

  • "I trimmed apple bakers yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it. The last time I made them, I made 12 and worked for 2 1/2 hours to get them trimmed. This time I made 24 and spent one hour and 10 minutes finishing them. At 67, the savings to my back are huge." 

– Ann Sciba, Wharton, TX

  • "To see those people fortunate enough to own one was an admitted source of envy for most of my years at the University of Utah Pottery Department. Throwing under Professor Dorothy Bearnson was a delight. She took her que and received instruction from the Great Hamada Shoji. My mother was a student of hers as well as myself. Being a poor art student made such instruments as the Giffin Grip out of the financial reach for most of us. To see them in use was a thing of wonder and amazement. But, Professor Bearnson taught us how to center and trim using methods that had been practiced for thousands of years. I went to Japan for further study and had the opportunity to shake hands with Raku Kichizaimon himself through the art of tea and its attendant standies. Finally venturing home finding fellow classmates and teaching pottery classes with them enabled me to use a "studio Giffin." Even after hard and heavy use, the swirling plates, dependable posts and heels, and other attachments held their own. Stll the price of such a thing remained out of my grasp. Until another committed pottery student, Patty Oler overheard my longing to posessmy own Giffin. Santa Clause delivered and my first piece to be trimmed on it went to the generous Miss Patty. I have wished for, longed for, and hoped to own a Giffin for 20 some odd years. Now I have one. Now, somehow, I feel like a real potter. I have arrived and feel legitimate as an artist. Thank you Mr.Giffin for your imagination and inventive spirit. You have liberated ceramic artists the world over. Just the mere sight of a Giffin Grip in use is its best advertisement. Thanks again and may all your pots, bowls, plates, and cylinders be subtle, centered, and trimmed true. May the kiln Gods smile on all your projects." 

– Randy T. Burks, Salt Lake City, UT