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Flex Slider III

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Giffin Grip® Products and Accessories

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*90 day international money-back guarantee:
10 years free replacement of parts that break or wear
out under normal studio use.


• Centers your pots in seconds.
• Reliable, 3 point, spiral-based locking mechanism secures your pots on center.
• Will not stick to the rim of your pots like wet clay wads, or let your pot loose.
• Simply snaps on and off your wheel head.
• Comes with 5 sets of rods, to hold a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
• Fits any potter’s wheel with a removable splash pan or sufficient side clearance to mount a 16”
(42cm) diameter plate.
• Designed to withstand years of continuous studio use.

Jumbo Platter Extender ... $99.00 -- Add to Cart

Jumbo Platter Extender

An answer for those of you Giffin Grip owners that do BIG POTS, the Jumbo Platter Extender fits on top of your Giffin Grip extending its working diameter to 23” (58cm). To use, sandwich your work between its throwing bat and the 24” Jumbo plate. Flip it over. Brass pins on the underside of the Jumbo plate slip into the grooves of the top plate of the Giffin Grip. Especially designed long sliders are inserted into the Jumbo plate and engage with the grooves of the Giffin Grip beneath. Turn the top plate to lock position and you’re ready! “Center, trim and be happy!”

Lid Master $14.95 -- Add to Cart

Lid Master

The Lid Master Calipers from Giffin Tec does the work of 2 standard calipers with
far greater speed and accuracy. Make one measurement and you have its opposite
The standard Lid Master has a capacity of 11” (28cm). The Large Lid Master, with a capacity of 20” (50.8cm) is available for larger work.

The Lid Master works in 2 ways. a. To make a lid for an unfired pot, measure the opening and tighten the wing nut. Now use the other end of the Lid Master for measuring the lid. Both the inside and the outside ends of the Lid Master will always be identical. b. Now you can throw a new lid for a fired pot without simply guessing the size. Reassemble the wing nut and screw in the “12-1/% hole”. Measure
the fired pot with the inside end of the Lid Master. Tighten the wing nut.
Throw a new lid using the outside end for your measurement. Because
good plastic clay shrinks about 12 ½% from we to fired state, the lid will
shrink to fit.

Large Lid Master ... $29.95 -- Add to Cart

Large Lid Master



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