Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the Giffin Grip fit my wheel?

A. The Giffin Grip fits most potter’s wheels on the market including: Shimpo, Brent, Speedball, Skutt, and many more. Any potter’s wheel with a removable splash pan, or sufficient side clearance to mount a 16” (42cm) diameter round plate on top can accommodate a Giffin Grip. The Giffin Grip can be adapted to wheelheads from 6” to 14” in diameter. After a simple, one-time adjustment, the Giffin Grip quickly snaps on and off your wheel.

Q. How does the Giffin Grip center the pot?

A. It all begins with the precision of the three spirals built into the bottom plate.  This is also the inspiration
for our company logo.

The Sliders move in the Top Plate and engage with the Spirals of the Bottom Plate. 
The 3 sliders are each moved by a unique spiral.  They move in or out of the top plate in concentric
alignment with each other. They center and work together.

Q. Does the Giffin Grip come in both clockwise and counter-clockwise versions?

A. Yes! The Giffin Grip comes in two versions, one for working on Counterclockwise turning
wheels (World STANDARD) and one for working on Clockwise turning wheels (primarily used in JAPAN).   

Q. What comes in the Giffin Grip box? 

A. The Giffin Grip Model 10 comes complete with Basic Sliders, Wide Sliders, 5 sizes of rods with
hands, Bottom Brackets, and connection hardware.

Q. Is there a Giffin Grip Guarantee?

A. Yes! 90 day money-back guarantee and 10 years free replacement on parts that wear
out or break in normal studio use.

Q. How do I know this is the Authentic Giffin Grip?

A. The Original Giffin Grip is manufactured in the USA.  It will have imprinted on the Bottom Plate:

Manufactured by:


We will continue to innovate and improve on our designs.

Q. How are the Basic Sliders different from the Wide Sliders?

A. Basic Sliders are for the majority of the pots. They can be used with pads facing in for
trimming plates or reversed in order to hold the rods for taller pieces.  Reversing them, keeps the holes clean.

Wide Sliders are as narrow as possible in order to accommodate larger plates. For platters
over 14 inches, we offer the Jumbo Platter Extender.  It works with your Giffin Grip to hold larger work.

Q. How does the Jumbo Platter Extender work?

A. The Jumbo Platter Extender allows you to trim platters up to 58 centimeters (23 inches) 
in diameter. It fits on top of your existing Giffin Grip. Three brass bat pins drop into the 3
grooves of the top plate. Special Extended Sliders engage with the spirals on the bottom

Q. How are the new Blue Sliders different from the old Black Sliders?

A. Computer assisted design techniques make it possible to shape the new Blue Sliders
to more perfectly fit the contour of the pot. Additionally, the durable new pads will not
wear out as easily as the old foam pads did.

Q. How are the new rods with hands better than the old style?

Each rod has it's own hand, greatly reducing the problem of loosing 2" Rods in the studio!  And they don't wear out.

Q. My grip appears to be off center, is it broken?  

A. First check to see that all three Bottom Brackets are set to the same notch.  If they are, and your Giffin Grip still appears off center (by more than millimeter) please give us a call at 360-758-7008 and will happily send replacement Bottom Brackets.  Sometimes one of these brackets gets bent over time and replacing them usually solves the problem.